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Do you have questions about account opening, deposit/withdrawal, rollovers, account management and MT4 trading platform? Check out the answers here!
Account Opening

Q1. What account type are accepted for rakuten securities bullion account?

A1. Individual and Corporate accounts will be accepted.

Q2. How to open a rakuten securities bullion account? (Individual)

A2. You can fill in the online application form accompanied with a valid identity document, and details of a bank account from any authorized financial institution in Hong Kong.

Q3. How to open a rakuten securities bullion account? (Corporate)

A3. You can fill in the online application form accompanied with Corporate Resolutions and other relevant documents - Please visit our website for more information.

Q4. How do i know if my account has been opened?

A4. Notification will be delivered to your registered email address. This email includes your login credentials, account funding options, and instructions on how to access your account. Please contact info@bullion.rakuten.com.hk if you do not receive such information.

Q5. What should I do if I cannot upload the supporting documents successfully during the application process?

A5. You can email the file(s) to us at admin@bullion.rakuten.com.hk or contact our representative for further assistance during the client support service hours.

Q6. Do you accept clients from all countries?

A6. Rakuten Securities Bullion is committed to complying with the sanctions laws and regulations of the European Union, United Nations, as well as all other applicable sanctions laws and regulations in Hong Kong. Applications for non-permanent Hong Kong residents may take longer.
Deposit Withdrawal

Q1. What currencies are available for deposit?

A1. You can deposit with USD or HKD.

Q2. What is the minimum deposit required to open an account?

A2. There is no minimum deposit requirement.

Q3. What deposit methods do you accept?

A3. Please refer to the Deposit Fund page for various deposit methods.
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Q4. How do i fund my trading account?

A4. Please refer to the Deposit Fund page for various deposit methods.
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Q5. When will my funds be posted to my account?

A5. The time of deposit processing is between 9:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday Hong Kong time (excluding Hong Kong public holidays). If we receive your funds AND confirmation of receipt of such funds during this time, the deposit will be processed within 1 business day.
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Q6. How do i withdraw funds from my account?

A6. You can request a withdrawal by logging in to your Client Portal.

Q7. How do i process a withdrawal?

A7. After you log in your Client Portal, click “Money Transaction” > “Transfer”. Input the transfer amount you wish to withdraw from your trading account to "My Wallet". Then, click “Withdrawal” and follow the instructions to place the withdrawal request.

Q8. How long does it take to process my withdrawal request?

A8. Withdrawal request will be processed within 2 business days upon receipt. Third party transfers will not be processed. Please review your information carefully to avoid any delays.

Q9. Why do i need to nominate my bank account before withdrawing my funds?

A9. Fund will be transferred to your designated bank account once the withdrawal request is processed

Q10. Do you charge any deposit or withdrawal fees?

A10. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for details.
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Swaps & Rollover

Q1. What is rollover?

A1. Rollover is the interest paid or earned for holding an open position overnight. It is calculated based on the interest rate differential between the two currencies. If the currency you are holding has a positive rollover, this means you earn interest. If it has a negative rollover, this means you pay the interest.

Q2. How can i avoid rollover charges?

A2. If you close your positions before market close on the same day, no rollovers are charged or paid on those positions. Rollover only applies to positions held overnight.

Q3. When is 3-day rollover?

A3. 3-day rollover is charged or paid each Wednesday at 5pm New York time.

Q4. What is 3-day rollover?

A4. To account for the interest on Saturdays and Sundays, 3-day rollover will apply on Wednesdays. You do not need to hold positions over Saturday and Sunday for 3-day rollover to apply to you. If you hold positions at 5pm Wednesday New York time, 3-day rollover will be charged or paid to your account regardless of your current positions.

Q5. Where can i find rollover on my statement?

A5. We debit or credit rollover, if applicable, each day directly from or to your balance. Therefore, you may see daily withdrawals or deposits to your account due to rollover. It will show up as “RO”, rollover, in your account history.

Q6. How do public holidays affect rollover calculation?

A6. Rollover is charged or paid on the day before the public holiday. For example, if Monday is a public holiday, the prior Friday is subject to 2-day rollover, 1 day for the Friday and an extra day to cover for Monday.

Q7. When is rollover?

A7. Rollover is from 23:55 to 01:00 MT4 Server time every day from Monday to Friday for gold and silver. During this time, the market is closed therefore you won’t be able to open new positions or close existing positions. However, you can still place limit orders.

Q8. My demo account does not charge or pay rollover. Is the live account the same?

A8. No. Our demo account does not charge or pay rollovers, but our live account does.
Account Management

Q1. How can i log in my client portal?

A1. You can login the Client Portal with your registered email address and initial/assigned password.
Client Portal

Q2. What is “my wallet”?

A2. “My Wallet” is a holding account that allows user to manage fund in or out for the trading account.

Q3. Can i open an additional trading account?

A3. In order to add additional account, you need to apply for live application form again. Please use a different email from the one you registered with the existing account.
Live Application Form

Q4. I have forgotten my password. How can i set a new one?

A4. You can reset your password online by clicking "Forgot Password?" on the main page of the Client Portal.
Client Portal

Q5. How can i change my password?

A5. After you log in the Client Portal, click on “Account Management” > “User Account” then “Change” next to “Master Password”. The new password will be applied for the Client Portal and your MT4 trading account.

Q6. Do you charge any account inactivity fees if i stop trading?

A6. No, we do not charge any account inactivity/dormant fees.

Q1. Where do i download the mt4 application?

A1. You can download the MT4 application on our website. Desktop, iOS and Android versions are available.
MT4 Desktop
MT4 Mobile

Q2. How do i log in to my mt4 live trading account?

A2. Once your account is approved, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with your MT4 application login credentials. To log in, go to "File" > "Login to Trade Account". Enter your user ID and password and click the drop-down list to choose “RakutenSecuritiesBullion-live”.

Q3. How do i place an order on the mt4 platform?

A3. In the “Market Watch” section, double click on your desired currency for the order window to appear. Enter the Volume (lot size) and click either “Sell” or “Buy” for an instant order. For a “Pending Order”, enter the type of order and the desired price. “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” values may be entered if desired. Finally, click “Place” to submit your order.

Q4. How do i edit an order on the mt4 platform?

A4. In the “Trade” section, locate the open order, right click on it and select “Modify or Delete Order”. Once the order window appears, enter values for the “Take Profit” and “Stop-Loss” and click “Modify”. Please note that greyed out fields cannot be changed.

Q5. Why do i see “no connection” or “invalid account” message?

A5. “No connection” – Please check your firewall/anti-virus setting and add MT4 platform as an exemption or turn off anti-virus/firewall. Also, please ensure you are connected to the internet.

“Invalid Account” – Please refer to the e-mail with your MT4 application login credentials and make sure you entered the correct account number and password. In addition, please ensure you have chosen the correct server name: RakutenSecuritiesBullion-live.

Q6. How do i fix the “waiting for update” message on my charts?

A6. Left click on the currency pair you require in the market watch and drag it into one of the blank charts. Alternatively, right click any currency pair and select “Chart Window”.

Q7. Can i change the chart time on mt4?

A7. The chart time can’t be changed on MT4. It is set to GMT + 2 or GMT + 3 (GMT+3 during Daylight Saving Time.)

Q8. How do i view my account history reports?

A8. Locate the “Terminal” section in MT4 then click on the “Account History” tab. Right click on any field and choose the time period for the report. Right click again and choose “Save as Report” or “Save as Detailed Report” to save the file to your desired location. The report will then appear in your default browser.

Q9. How do i view my export logs?

A9. Locate the “Terminal” section in MT4 then click on the “Experts” tab. Note that this tab is only visible if Expert Advisors (EAs) are enabled on the account. Right-click any field and click “Open” to view the log files. File names are in yyyy/mm/dd (year/month/date) format. Double click any log to open. Files can be renamed and emailed to info@bullion.rakuten.com.hk or to the 3rd party provider of the EA for any support issues.

Q10. How do i access the rakuten securities bullion mt4 on my mobile device?

A10. After MT4 Mobile (IOS/Android) installation, enter your login name and password and make sure you are connected to the server “RakutenSecuritiesBullion-live”.

The Rakuten Securities Bullion MT4 Mobile Platform has access to all the functionalities of the desktop application. As such, you can manage your bullion trades easily from your mobile device.