Why Trade Bullion

Why Trade Bullion

Eight factors make precious metals an indispensable investment tool for you
1. High leverage

Up to 200 times leverage, buy and sell gold and silver at low cost

2. Zero commission fee

No commission, dormant account and custody fees

3. Narrow spread

Narrow bid-ask spread, saving you transaction costs and enhancing your profit opportunities

4. Go long or short

Can open a position to buy or sell, flexible trading in bull or bear markets

5. High liquidity

Global precious metals market with huge trading volume, chance to have market manipulation is close to zero

6. Almost 24 hours trading time

Longer trading hours will help you decide trading time flexibly and reduce risks

7. Both long-term and short-term investment are possible

Zero commission and narrow spread, with leverage and long/short trading, suitable for short-term investment
The value preservation and anti-inflation properties of precious metals also make them an indispensable tool for long-term investment

8. Diversified investment portfolio

Market breaking event and financial turmoil often affect personal investment portfolios. As one of the hedging tools, precious metals can effectively diversify investment risks and show their intrinsic value.