Trading Rules


Below are the trading rules of Rakuten MT4 account.

Account Currency
Trading Platform
MetaTrader 4
XAU/USD (Gold)
XAG/USD (Silver)
Minimum Contract Size
0.01 lot (1 ounce)
0.01 lot (50 ounces)
Maximum Limit
(Subject to the market liquidity)
20 lots (2,000 ounces)
20 lots (100,000 ounces)
Standard Spread
VIP: $0.15 (Fixed)
Premium: $0.22 (Fixed)
Standard: $0.3 (Fixed)
VIP: $0.015 (Fixed)
Premium: $0.022 (Fixed)
Standard: $0.03 (Fixed)
No Commission Required
Order Types
Market, Pending, Stop, Trailing Stop
Order Expiration Date
Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC)
Good-Till-Date (GTD)
Trading Hour
Standard Time (ST) Monday 7:00 am – Saturday 5:55 am (HKT)
Daylight Saving Time (DST) Monday 6:00 am – Saturday 4:55 am (HKT)
System Maintenance (ST) 5:55 am – 7:00 am Every Trading Day (HKT)
System Maintenance (DST) 4:55 am – 6:00 am Every Trading Day (HKT)

During the system maintenance, there are no price updating and trade execution.

Margin Requirement
0.5% of the total contract value
Margin Call

Not Applied
*Margin Call occurred when your margin ratio falls below 120%. The margin call alert will be issued in the trading platform, while no alert will be sent by email or made by call.
*In order to prevent the risk of volatility in the market, please be aware of the market changes and ensure that your account has sufficient margin.
Make deposit to top up your account

Margin Stop Out
Margin Stop Out occurred when your margin ratio falls below 100%. Once reached, all of your positions will be closed automatically from largest losing position to the smallest.
There is rollover for Bullion trading. You can check your swap P/L through "MT4" > "Account History". Rollover is labeled as "RO".
We debit or credit swap each day directly to your balance. We do not add it to your open position.
Notes for the functions of Expert Advisor (“EA”) in Rakuten MT4
  • During times of system maintenance or for some other reasons, the functions of Expert Advisor (“EA”) may be affected.
  • Rakuten Securities Bullion has no relationship with any EA developer nor EA provider. The EA function is not supported by Rakuten Securities Bullion.
  • Rakuten Securities Bullion bears no responsibility whatsoever for the outcome of such trading. Clients agree to accept full responsibility for the use of EA.

#In case of hedging trade, the required margin on the larger amount side (Sell or Buy) will be applied. For example, if you have 1 contract of open position (Buy side) on XAU/USD and 10 contract of open position (Sell side) on XAU/USD at the same time, required margin of Sell side will be applied.

Although it is available to leverage Hedging, it is not recommended to leverage this since it is not efficient.