Individual Account

Open an individual investment account through the online application form.
No minimum deposit nor account balance required.
Before Application
Please prepare a digital copy of below documents to facilitate your application process.
To submit the documents:
1. You may login to My Page to upload files;
2. You can email the file(s) to us at
Proof of Identity

A digital copy of a signed valid passport or government issued identification document showing your full name, date of birth and photograph.

Hong Kong resident

  • Identity Card (front and back)

Citizen from oversea

  • Valid Passport (including signature page)
  • Driver's License (front and back)
  • National ID card (front and back)

Proof of Address
A digital copy of your residential address showing your name and current residential address dated within three months from the date of submission.
Proof of Bank Account
A digital copy of your passbook, ATM card or bank statement issued by any recognized bank in Hong Kong.
Need Help?

Step 1. Complete Form
  • Click the “APPLY NOW” Button
  • Fill in the Application Form
  • Complete the information and click “Submit”
Step 2. Submit Documents
Step 3. Obtain Approval
The application will be processed within two(2) business days.
Note: Please ensure you have uploaded the required documents in order to prevent delays in processing.
Step 4. Receive Login Information
Your account and login information will be sent to your registered email address.