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Checklist of required documents:
1. Proof of Identity A digital copy of a signed valid passport or government issued identification document showing:
✓ Full name
✓ Date of birth
✓ Photograph

Hong Kong resident:
• Identity Card (front and back)

Overseas citizen:
• Valid Passport (including signature page), or
• Driver's License (front and back), or
• National ID card (front and back)
2. Proof of Address A digital copy of your residential address showing:
✓ Full name (same as your identity document)
✓ Current residential address dated within three months from date of submission
3. Proof of Bank Account ✓ A digital copy of your passbook, or
✓ ATM card, or
✓ Bank statement issued by any recognized bank in Hong Kong

(Showing full name & bank account number)
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