Rewards for early-bird registrations, training seminars, no commissions

Hong Kong, September 30, 2019 – Rakuten Securities Bullion Hong Kong Limited (“Rakuten Securities Bullion”), a wholly owned subsidiary of leading online brokerage company Rakuten Securities, Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, today announced the launch of a new website for bullion trading as part of a broader gold and silver investment service designed for both institutional and retail investors looking for risk diversification.

To coincide with the launch of the website https://bullion.rakuten.com.hk/ in Hong Kong, Rakuten Securities Bullion is offering a reward for early-bird registrations. Those who register on the site on or before October 13, 2019 will receive a reward worth HK$7001. In addition, free seminars will be available to provide guidance to investors wanting to learn more about bullion trading and will include topics such as technical analysis, chart trading strategies and the latest market insights.

Besides the training tools and market resources, Rakuten Securities Bullion also runs its service on the MetaTrader platform (commonly abbreviated to MT4), a popular piece of software for trading forex and metals. Clients can trade Spot Gold and Silver with MetaTrader 4 in Rakuten MT4 trading account. It provides fixed spreads that are tight and therefore competitive2 with generous leverage opportunities that extend to 200:13, creating chances for portfolio diversification. As well, no commission is charged, thereby minimizing trading costs while maximizing returns. The trading account will be available starting from October 14, 2019.

“We’re experiencing global instability and market volatility on a scale not seen for generations, so now is a good time to consider trading gold or silver as an investment asset,” said Mr. Kazunori Iida, President of Rakuten Securities Bullion. “Gold enjoys high liquidity and has universal value which makes it a good safe haven asset. Unlike currency, it keeps its value over long periods of time. It’s suitable and useful to hedge against risks.”

The website launch follows the establishing of Rakuten Securities Bullion earlier this year in Hong Kong. The company is a subsidiary of Rakuten Securities Inc, one of Japan’s major online brokers.

“Our Rakuten MT4 trading account is very powerful. It enables automated trading and higher leverage,” said Mr. Kazunori Iida. “That’s attractive, but there’s more: we offer fixed tight spreads and we don’t charge a commission.”

In terms of retail equities trading value in Japan, Rakuten Securities is the second largest online securities company in Japan4. It established Rakuten Securities Hong Kong Limited (“Rakuten Securities Hong Kong” CE Number: AIM232) in 2015, its first overseas subsidiary. This in turn launched Rakuten Securities Bullion on February 28, 2019 to help further build solid presence in Hong Kong.

About Rakuten Securities Bullion Hong Kong Limited
Rakuten Securities Bullion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten Securities, Inc., one of the leading forex brokers in the world and a pioneer in leveraged foreign exchange trading. It provides bullion investment service in Hong Kong with high security of funds and competitive trading cost. It offers two popular symbols (XAU/USD and XAG/USD) for trading on the powerful Rakuten MT4 trading account with fixed tight spreads and a generous leverage of up to 200:1.

To learn more about our services, please visit: https://bullion.rakuten.com.hk/.

About Rakuten Securities, Inc.
Rakuten Securities, Inc. (“Rakuten Securities”) is the securities division of Rakuten Group (TOKYO: 4755), which operates as one of the Japan’s largest e-commerce providers.

Founded in 1999, Rakuten Securities is a leading Japanese online brokerage company. Rakuten Securities provides comprehensive financial brokerage services to over 3.4 million5 individual investors with a wide range of asset products, including domestic and international cash equities, derivatives, commodities, fixed income, investment trusts, ETFs and foreign exchange. With Rakuten Securities’ strong foundation rooted in the Japanese market, today our mission is to provide overseas investors with a broad range of investment services.

To learn more about Rakuten Securities’ services, please visit: https://www.rakuten-sec.co.jp/ (Japanese Only).

Tel: (852) 2119-7631
Email: info@bullion.rakuten.com.hk

1 Terms and Conditions apply.

2 Fixed spreads are offered in Rakuten MT4 account during at least 90% of the time of the monthly trading period. Spreads shown above and in our website are for reference only and are not guaranteed and may widen beyond the average spreads depending on the market volatility, especially under circumstances of extremely low liquidity, news events or public holidays. Please always refer to the trading platforms for the most updated spreads.

3 Without proper risk management, this high degree of leverage can lead to large losses as well as gains.

4 Based on JPX disclosed documents and information disclosed by online securities companies in Japan for the period of April – June 2019.

5 As of June 2019.